A day at camp...

 Morning Movers!

Learn the theme of the day, sing some songs, & play some icebreaker games!


A typical day at camp includes a full realm of activities, games, and crafts! Each week is centered around a unique theme, with daily themes to complement this theme. Campers who attend more than one week can always expect new challenges and adventures! Almost our entire day is spent outdoors or inside the Queen's Park pavilion (we operate rain or shine). Occasionally we will take excursions to the Tavistock Library or other local places with respect to the weekly theme. Explore this page to give you a better sense of what we do in a day!


Themed Craft

Creative crafts are planned for each day with respect to the daily and weekly theme!


 Lunch & Free Time!

Lunch hour is a time to rest and relax or play on the new playground equipment located within the park! Free time is meant to be a non-structured supervised time for campers to hang out with their peers.  


 All Camp Game

From Capture the Flag to Mission Impossible, an adrenaline-filled game is the best way to kick off the second half of our day!




When applicable to the theme, we will sometimes take the opportunity to walk to different places in the community for a presentation or activity! Last summer we were able to visit our local library and the firehall. Excursions are a great way to break up the day and learn something new within our community. 


Small Games

There are no shortage of games at camp! We are always trying new activities and variations to favourite classic games, too.


Throughout the week we incorporate lots of leadership activities and initiatives in which campers learn some awesome skills in teamwork and teamplay!


Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA)!

During CYOA, campers are able to choose between two or three different activities! Activities range from yoga to bracelet making, dodgeball to scavenger hunts! This is a great opportunity for us to revisit favourite games and activities from earlier in the week.



Daily Wrap-Up!

Campers pack their bags and we re-group to sing some traditional camp songs! This is also a great time to share our favourite parts of the day with each other!